Woodland Ways became a business in 2001 producing coppiced products using techniques that have been passed down two generations but used for centuries.

Starting with simple orders for gate hurdles and wattle panels work soon progressed to coppicing in local woodland for suitable materials mainly hazel and sweet chestnut. Years of living and working in the woods resulted in a practical knowledge base for woodland management and we invested in an Alstor 8×8 to enable us to work faster and more cost effectively.

We specialise in willow revetments after being employed to re landscape a client’s garden demolished after severe flooding and have since created revetments of all sizes from streams to major rivers. Over time the company has gained a superb reputation working with both national agencies and individual customers providing unique, up to date solutions using traditional knowledge.

With such enthusiasm and passion for his work, our woodsman loves to pass on his knowledge through our courses, a chance to learn traditional and practical skills, be creative and learn about woodland and the basics of how to manage them.

Please take a look at our site and contact us to discuss any of your requirements.

David Llewellyn

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Latest News
We have now invested in the new Alstor 821 which has a larger load capacity with the same light footprint.

Woodland Ways
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Situated in the grounds of the Frank Chapman Centre within 90 acres of SSSI woodland.

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